Hawkesbury Valley Homes

Architectural Style

Country Pavilion

The Country Pavilion is a modern adaptation of early Australian rural architecture. The pavilion style is uniquely adaptable to many situations and land types.

The Country Pavilion is an excellent style to take maximum advantage of good design, giving energy efficiency and natural year round comfort.

A remarkable interest is developing in combining this unique style, and sustainable development principles, creating a home environment in harmony with nature.

Australian Colonial

Australian Colonial design offers the scope to be truly creative while still retaining the magnificent proportions of early Australian dwellings.

Our team can take your ideas and transform them into anything from a small country cottage to a stunning rural homestead.

This style of home never has and never will go out of fashion. An excellent investment for the future.

Tourist Cabins and Weekenders

Tourist Cabins are increasingly popular among city dwellers seeking their weekend escape.

Tourist cabin developments offer real financial benefits for the owner.

To ensure the viability of tourist cabins, they must be well designed and built with quality materials and finishes to make the client return again and again.
Our cabins are designed with the client in mind offering comfort and relaxation in a beautiful setting.