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Choosing a Pest Control Company

When it comes to looking after your home, it should be a top priority to keep pests, bugs and uninvited critters away all year round. Not only can they be a nuisance if they decide to establish a nest within your premises; many species can actually be quite dangerous, or at least detrimental to the structural integrity of your property (consider termites, for example).

pest control signHome remedies aren’t always as effective as people claim them to be and you could soon find yourself struggling to keep on top of an infestation before too long. But all isn’t lost – and thanks in most part to the professional pest control services that are available. Choosing a pest control company isn’t always as easy as shopping for groceries.

There are several things to consider beforehand and many of them will dictate whether or not a particular provider is suitable for your requirements. If you’re keen to maximise your chances at finding the best possible service at the most affordable rate, take a look at these helpful tips to guide your decision.

What services do they provide?

If your home is suffering with an ant colony invasion, then the chances are that a small mammal removal expert might not be the way to go. Although many pest controllers will aim to cover a range of eradication services, they might not specialise in your particular need. Before booking a potential provider’s services, why not take a little extra time to gauge whether or not they can help with your problem?

Most can be reached by phone and even more extend email contact features, so get in touch with a candidate and ask them a little more about their expertise when dealing with the critters that your home’s been exposed to. If they can boast years of expertise and back it up with testimonials, then there’s no harm in hiring their services and allowing them to do what they do best.

Will they prioritise the safety of you, your family and any pets present?

Although most pest control officers will aim to use humane methods of critter elimination, there may be times where toxic chemicals and other potentially harmful resources may be needed. When these events arise, it should be a top priority to ensure the safety of all people and pets resident within the property.

A good pest control company will want to make sure that they can successfully take care of your task, whilst minimising the effect on anyone inside of a home. The best case scenario is that they will be able to set up traps and deterrents out of reach of children and pets. They can also remove all types of critters there and then, from ants all the way to possums and even snakes. The worst case scenario will be that they may need to fumigate a premises, but this will only take a couple of days and all should return to normal in no time.

How reliable are their services?

If you’ve just searched for ‘pest control melbourne’ and come across a potential provider, and don’t know much about them – the worst thing to do is jump in at the deep end and hope for the best. Take a little time to get to know how reliable they are by reading testimonials and customer reviews. If the majority of feedback denotes a hard-working company that prioritises efficiency and performance, then they could well be the way to go.


It’s always an option to go a step further and get in touch with previous customers directly – if possible. Allowing someone entry to your home is one thing and it’s something else entirely to trust that they will perform their tasks as requested. There might even be times when a company takes snippets of positive feedback from a quote and this can often mislead new customers. To ensure complete transparency, try to take all of your information directly from the horse’s mouth – whether that be from a neighbour, a family member, or even another person online.

Trust your instincts from the offset

One of the most reliable methods for choosing a pest elimination agency is to speak to one of their advisors directly. You will learn a lot from a brief chat on the phone, or from their responsiveness via email. If they seem willing to help and keen to answer your questions, you could already be half way to making the right decision. Just get to know a little more about your candidate, how they can help, their level of reliability and what they will charge ahead of time – and the rest should fall in to place.