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Jan 24 2019

Practical And Affordable Interior Design Tips

Whether you’ve just moved to a new place or you want to give your home a quick facelift, there are interior design tricks that can help you achieve exactly what you are after. There are times when the smallest things make the greatest difference. Simple accessories such as vases, paintings, lamps, and plants can beautify rooms in ways you wouldn’t believe. So here are a few design tips to inspire you.

Smaller rooms should be painted in softer, lighter colors to give the appearance of a larger space. Large windows and mirrors also reflect the natural light which gives the optical illusion of a room that is larger than it actually is. Darker colors make rooms appear small. Therefore it should only be used in rooms that are large.

One of the most important aspects of interior design is that it should reflect your unique personality and style. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with mixing patterns and textures as well as old and new accessories and furniture. In fact, this is encouraged as it tells a story. And they both can coexist together beautifully.

When decorating your bedroom or living room, you should choose at least three colors that go well together. The first color should be used on your walls, the second one should be used for larger accessories, and the last one should be used for small accents.

When it comes to choosing curtains & blinds for the rooms in your home, functionality and form work together. For example, choosing Sheer curtains offer great design appeal however it doesn’t offer much privacy. All it is designed to do is gently filter the light. On the other hand, if you had to opt for Venetian blinds, they are created for maximum privacy, and consequently, they will block out the light completely when closed. Choosing curtains or blinds will also depend on which room of the home you’re choosing it for. For example, the bedroom needs climate control and blackout curtains which is ideal for a room of rest. Speaking to an expert such as Spectrum Curtains & Blinds can make a huge difference to the end result.

Alternatively, when it comes to bathrooms which tend to become humid quite often, don’t opt for heavy drapery. Instead, a space like this is most suitable for blinds.

Adding wicker baskets to your living room adds an elegant appeal and its functional as well. Baskets can be used to hold decor magazines, toys, display books, towels blankets and more. Adding a couple of wicker baskets onto your countertops in the kitchen is a beautiful way to store your fruit and vegetables.

Going green is perhaps the most economical way of decorating your home and reaping the benefits of having living plants inside your home. Not only do green plants add color and texture to your home, but they also help to clean the household and balance out humidity. They are also known to remove harmful gases from the air and absorb pollutants. Therefore, no home should be without a few of these wonderful works of nature.

Lastly, hardwood floors are beautiful and very easy to maintain, however, they can tend to give your room a rigid look and uncozy feeling. To warm up any room in the home that contains hardwood floors consider using rugs to warm up the room. You can add different colors, textures, and styles as well or you can stick to the same color and just use different textures.

Written by Micaela