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Types of Swimming Pools

Choosing from the Different Types of Swimming Pools

It’s estimated that a whopping 30% of homes in Melbourne feature their own swimming pools. Although many property owners may have purchased their houses with these features ready-built, there are those that want nothing more than to have a stunning swimming area added to their outdoor space – but with so many types to choose from, it’s not always as easy as settling on the first one suggested.

Just how many types are there exactly?

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, with some offering simplistic features and others benefitting their owners with advanced functionality. There are simply so many different types of swimming pools that the decision should never be rushed in to. Whether you’re looking for a pool that features a rockery, a slide, or a stairway; or if you’d prefer an infinity pool that helps to minimise water wastage whilst providing a more stylish aesthetic, the choice really is all yours.

Choosing a pool company should be the first thing to consider – even before you decide on the style of swimming area that you’d like. Why is this exactly? Well, it may have something to do with the fact that not all companies offer the same types of services as others. Certain ones may focus on designing and the construction of traditional pools, whilst others may offer more extensive and personalised services instead.

Once you know that you have a good company at your side, you will likely find things much easier to decide on. One of the first things that a good pool building company will consider is the space that you have available. The truth is that this will often dictate the size and shape of your pool and if you over-reach (or underestimate), then you could find yourself regretting your decision well into the future.

How to choose the right type of pool

Many home owners find themselves focusing on the fact that they will have a functional water feature in their garden, when they might want to think about who will be using it. If the pool is intended for a family then it makes sense to include safety features, such as a hand rail to help with entering and exiting the pool itself, or a set of stairs that are designed in a way that maximises safety.

For those that are planning on having a pool built to increase the value of their property, they may want to go all out to ensure that their one is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. The great thing about modern pools is that they can typically take advantage of a range of materials and resources; from glass panels to chrome safety rails. There are even options to have a rockery installed, which can feature a slide (such as with many of the properties featured on MTV’s Cribs).

It all comes down to three main factors when deciding on the type of swimming pool that you’d like to invest your hard earned money in to. First, there’s the space. Secondly, there’s the cost. Finally, there’s the functionality. It can be possible to save a few thousand dollars by minimising features, but then you will also have to accept losing out on key elements that you and your family might enjoy. Before rushing into anything it’s worth getting in touch with Dolphin Pools and asking for their advice, as they may well be able to offer more information to help with deciding.